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February 23, 2021

Pub food has its place. Greasy burgers. Soggy fries. Deep-fried everything. We just don’t believe that place is the Taphouse.

Pub food has its place.

Greasy burgers.

Soggy fries.

Deep-fried everything.

We just don’t believe that place is the Taphouse. Sure, we have the best burgers in town, but right next to it on the menu, we have choices that you’d never find in a traditional ‘pub’ in Lethbridge.

Choices like:

  • Kim Chi Kothey
  • Warm Goat Cheese
  • Alu Tikki
  • Samosas
  • Schnitzel Bun
  • Salmon
  • Prawns 
  • Even a weekly, house-made cheesecake!

But now, we’re diving even deeper.

New Chef, new spices

Leading the charge out of pub-food past is our chef, Abdel. Born in Morocco, he’s infusing the menu with North African fare with traditional spices you can’t find anywhere else in Lethbridge.

When Abdel first started working at the Telegraph, he was making the same dishes as everybody else – from our famous burger to our authentic Alu Tikki. But, as he showed us his skills and creativity in the kitchen, we encouraged him to cook a few dishes that were precious to him.

After tasting them, we decided everyone else needed to as well, so we put them on special. 

And, people loved them! So now, we’re offering a few of Abdel’s favourite Moroccan dishes on our regular menu.

Our North African dishes

Based on the response from our patrons, and our own taste buds, we’ve decided we needed more ‘Moroccan’ in our life. So, hold onto your taste buds because we’ve added Abdel’s dishes below:

Beef Tagine – Combing classic Alberta Beef with a melange of exotic spices creates a dish epitomizing comfort food. We include a healthy portion of beef, served in a cinnamon-spiced warm gravy, topped with figs, crunchy almonds and served over perfectly-cooked couscous. We guarantee you’ve never tasted anything like it in Lethbridge!

Kofta – The perfect dish to share while having a beer with friends, Kofta is a North African take on meatballs. Made from the same ground beef as we make our burgers with, we roll them up, fry them and smother them in a rich tomato sauce that will stand up to the heartiest stout out there.

Morrocan Fusion Salmon - An ideal summer dish, we spice up our classic Norwegian Salmon with a warm, Morrocan spice rub, then lay it on a bed of bright, light couscous/mango/herbs combination. These two pair so well together you’d swear they were from the same continent.

Spice and Everything Nice from North Africa

If you’ve never tried North African food in Lethbridge before, we highly recommend it, if only because it’s likely so different from any other foods you’ve tried in Southern Alberta!

Abdel adds Morrocan warmth to all his dishes, and he’s pioneered an entirely new cuisine in Lethbridge. We’ll never look at cinnamon the same again!

If you’re looking for something new in Lethbridge, beyond a traditional steak, or the more recently embraced Japanese, Mexican and Indian cuisines, you’ll find it in spades with our new Morrocan dishes at the Telegraph Taphouse.

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