The best burger in town

November 5, 2021

After a bustling summer with plenty of patio beers, it was hard to shut everything down. But, now we're back and better than ever.

If you’ve braved the constant construction downtown, you’ve probably noticed that we shutdown shortly after the city dug up our patio.

After a bustling summer season with plenty of patio beers, it was really hard to just go cold turkey and shut everything down. But, when construction and new COVID protocols combine, it’s almost impossible to win. So, instead of fighting, we decided to take a moment, catch our breath and brainstorm ways we could do better. 

As much as the patio was amazing to have, the pressure it put on our kitchen and wait staff was enormous. With our kitchen in the lower level of the building and the size of our dining room effectively doubled, the stairs became a bottle neck, and the kitchen struggled to keep up with the demand of our diverse menu. 

The result: our service wasn’t up to our standards. So, after some brainstorming, we came back to an idea given to us by a famous chef.

Chopped Canada

A few months back, we had a celebrity drop by the Butte Hospitality Restaurants. We got to host Mark McEwan, one of the judges from Chopped Canada, up in the Water Tower – and we pulled out all the stops trying to impress him!

With each meal we served, he would try it, offer feedback and move on – never taking more than a single bite of each meal.

After plowing through much of the menu, along with a few specially-created dishes, Mark was ready to move on. But before he left, we asked him to drop by the Telegraph. However, after treating him to all our best dishes at the Tower, we were at a loss at what to serve him at the Telly, where we specialize in more ‘down to earth’ fare.

So, we owned it, and brought him the most humble of all dishes – a classic burger. 

To our astonishment, he ate every bite and told us, in his professional opinion, that we should focus on burgers.

So, we’ve taken Mark’s advice to heart.

The best burger in Lethbridge 

This time, we’re offering a pared-down, perfected menu, focussing on burgers, salads and, of course, beer

That’s a lot fewer dishes to prepare and cook, which leaves us with plenty of kitchen space to really up our game in the burger department. And that means bringing everything in house and creating the burger from scratch.

Currently, we’re working on perfecting our own, house-made bun that we’ll bake every morning before the restaurant opens. On that bun, we’ll stack a variety of toppings, from the tried and true egg to more exotic condiments from around the world. 

And, of course, we didn’t forget the star of the show, the patty. We’ve already got some of the best beef in southern Alberta from Ben’s Quality Meats – so we’re not changing that. But, we are changing our order from ground chuck to full, angus beef chuck rounds that we’ll grind on site to our specifications.

If you loved our burger in the past, this one’s going to blow your mind.

Try the best burger in Lethbridge at the Telly

The best news of all: we’re open again. So, if this post has got you salivating, don’t wait. Come on over to The Telegraph today for a burger and a beer that will stand up to the best from around Canada – just ask Mark.

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