5 before 5 – The Best Happy Hour in Lethbridge

February 28, 2023

Looking for the best Happy Hour in Lethbridge? We’re sweeping in to save the day with a happy hour menu that will make you smile – because isn’t that what this is all about?

You get to a restaurant, excited about their happy hour, because who isn’t excited about happy hour?

You open the menu and scan it fast, searching for the words happy and hour – ideally in that order – and there it is a the bottom, in small type.

$1 off the beer you hate, and an appy that’s not even on the usual menu. Then, when it comes, it’s sad and lonely, a small serving of food served on a tiny plate that’s trying desperately to convince you this appy is decently sized.

That’s a pretty sad happy hour.

And that ‘Happy Hour’ seems to be spreading out to restaurants across the land. 

Soon, we’ll call them sad hours, and no one will go.

A happy hour worthy of the name

But, never fear cause the Telegraph is here. Like beer-based superheroes, we’re sweeping in to save the day with a happy hour menu that will make you smile – because isn’t that what this is all about?

So to turn your frown upside down, we’ve kept it simple, memorable and worth your while. There’s no hoops to jump through, no if-this-then-that. No 50 discount on cheap beer because we don’t give you the regular menu during happy hour in the hopes that you won’t realize that the deal isn’t worth the drive.

Our happy hour can be summed up in two words (one of them is repeated): 5 before 5.

Every weekday between 2 and 5, you can get one of the below for only $5:

  1. Pound of wings – Our salt and pepper wings pair perfectly with a cold beer, a plate of rustic fries – or just about anything else on our 5 before 5 menu.
  2. Pint of Paulaner Lager – An easy-drinking beer from Germany, the Paulaner Lager is a balanced beer that just about anyone will enjoy.
  3. Glass of wine – Don’t like beer? We’ve got you covered with a house red or house white. After all, 5 before 5 is for everyone to enjoy.
  4. Plate of rustic fries – House-made fries cooked till golden and dusted with our mix of fresh garlic, truffle olive oil, oregano, and local asiago.
  5. Highball – Whiskey & soda, gin & tonic, rum & coke: your mix is your choice.

That’s a little bit of something for everyone.

So why not gather up your friends, comrades and acquaintances and meet down at the Telegraph?

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