Top 5 Patio Drinks to Try This Spring

March 20, 2021

Patio season already? It's a Canadian thing. If you're ready to brave the no-so-cold, our patio's open

Ready for sunshine and patios? Telly patio is open for business.

Still snow on the ground? Doesn’t matter, it's spring.

Wind still bites like a wolfhound? Doesn’t matter – still spring.

Nighttime temps dipping below freezing? Spring.

It’s a Canadian thing

In some parts of the world, this month’s weather would put us squarely in the middle of winter – but not for us hardy Canadians.

As soon as that mercury climbs to that all-important 0-degree mark, we’re bursting from our homes, wearing sunnies, tank-tops and shorts, ‘ready to catch some rays, dude’.

Patio season already? It's a Canadian thing. If you're ready to brave the no-so-cold, our patio's open

Want proof? Just look at our patio, where people were milling the moment the snow was moved from the tables and chairs.

So, to celebrate the opening of (Canadian) Patio season, we’re going to show you five of our favourite patio drinks.

The perfect patio drinks


Ok, so this is a gimme. But, we’re not just going to leave it on the (patio) table – because not every beer is the perfect patio beer. We’re not going to name any names here, because our rotating taps change too often, but for us, the ultimate patio beers are almost always IPAs, Pilsners or Sours.

Lucky for everyone, we’ve got every one of those on tap.

A crisp cider

Sweet, sour and carbonated, a cold cider pairs perfectly with patios – also, apparently,  the letter P. As long as you’re happy with something sweet, it’s hard to go wrong with any cider on our menu. Just close your eyes and point, and as long as the sun doesn’t hide, you’re guaranteed a great time.

Beermosa a.k.a. Beer and O.J.

Brunch and patios – they go together like a horse and carriage. So, of course, we had to have a classic brunch drink on the list. While Mimosas work and Caesars are classic, it’s hard to beat the simplicity and sheer brightness of a beermosa – for a not-so-early patio brunch.

Gin & Tonic

The summer drink of the last hundreds of years, it’s been imbibed by sailors, soldiers, ladies and loungers alike. Though we have a variety of gins available for those who have a preference, we mix strictly with Fever Tree Tonic (which is the best we’ve found) and fresh limes.


Who knows how to make it through beautiful weather better than Cubans? The Mojito has the perfect one-two punch, with both lime and mint welcoming the flavours of spring straight to your palate.

Open, licensed and ready for action

Give The Gift Of Connection

Give the gift of great food! From a romantic evening for a lucky couple, to a simple thank you beer for your neighbour –  we’ve got every occasion covered.